Venetia Schaefer 2012-02-25 00:37:00

Venetia Schaefer

As the time I spent in Thailand was short, I did not have the luxury to be able to have a trial makeup. However, Tata was very patient and it was very easy to communicate with Tata over the email to describe the look I wanted and we exchanged a few emails, with pictures before we decided on the final look. For my bridesmaids and mum, they did not have a particular look in mind and Tata was good in assessing what looks good on them and gave them lovely makeup.

Everyone commented that our makeup was done beautifully. It highlighted my features and I still look the same person. I was worried coz most bridal makeup is usually very thick and makes the bride look like a completely different person. The make-up didn’t feel heavy and last through the night.

Thank you again!

I think the clincher is probably what nice people Tata and Jem both are. They are very sweet, patient and friendly and very professional people and I think that matters a lot!

They both had to wake up very early to travel a distance to my wedding venue (yet, they look so fresh and awake) They were kind enough to stay back a little while to touch up my makeup even though it was getting late and they had a boat to catch.

We really enjoyed working with Tata and Jem and would highly recommend them!