Dear Tata,

Thank you so much for giving me the wonderful make-over for my photo shoot. Your hands just work like magic on me! I never knew I can be so gorgeous just like a star! I love the eye makeup… the way you carefully draw and touch up my eyebrow to sharpen my feature (some artist would just ignore it since my eyebrow is already thick and shaped). It’s amazing how the waterproof eyeliner works!!! I cried and cried during Sam’s surprising proposal, and the eye make-up stayed as it was, so I could continue the following shoot.


Not to forget about the awesome hair-do. I refused to release my hair until the end of night! It really helped when you and Jam came up with lots of samples for me to choose from (I don’t like it when people ask how I want it to be done with no reference at all…). If you can see from my photos, the hair do-really makes me stand out!

I will definitely recommend you to my friend – for the quality of products you use, your professionalism and friendliness.

Thanks again for being part of them who made my day!